Angry but adorable cats

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Don’t try to understand why an angry cat face has such a magnetic power over you, just accept it as a scientific fact and try to have a camera at the ready every time you do something that could potentially annoy your floof. No promises it won’t irk your annoyed cat even more, but by now they are probably too used to your shenanigans.

If you want more pics of cute angry cats, we’ve got plenty of those. Prepare yourself for a cuteness overload, and scroll down for a collection of photos of cute cats irritated by something or other their human did… again. Share this article with your friends, and show us the face of your own cute angry cat in the comments.

#1 Angry Cat

#2 Angry Kitty

#3 Can’t Understand What’s Stopping Him

#4 Bring Me Stuff, Now

#5 Toby (~15 Years Old) Is The Epitome Of The Angry Emoji

#6 Spooky Boy

#7 I’m Completely Angry That I Shampooed Today

#8 Oh!!! No Jingle… Bells Bells Bells

#9 A Friend Found This Floofy Little Screamer In His Woodpile. He Found Her A Forever Home

#10 Very Angry Kitten

#11 I Am Angry

#12 This Angry Cat Is Named Giggles. He Was Just Adopted From A Local Shelter

#13 Ready For The Tiniest Take Off Ever

#14 I Woke Up To This Staring Me In The Face. He Seems Angry I Overslept

#15 Kitty ‘Grrrrito’ For Some Eye Drops. He Has The Cutest Angry Face. He’s A Socialization Foster

#16 I Am Smol But Angry

#17 Lord Farquaad Angry For Being Taken To The Vet

#18 Look At Her Lil Angry Belp

#19 An Angry Devil

#20 Meet Tom… Tom Is Angry

#21 This Is Me When I Am Really Hungry

#22 She’s Ready For Takeoff

#23 Okay Kiss

#24 My Boyfriend’s Grandma Has A Very Angry Looking Cat

#25 Maca Clearly Hates Pictures

#26 Cocoa Angry. Cocoa Want Attention. Cocoa Sit On Mom’s Planner

#27 Why So Angry?

#28 Angry Omar

#29 My Bowl Is Empty

#30 One Landed Safely, One Still In The Clouds

#31 The Tiniest Airplane Ears, Also Scream

#32 A Reminder To Work Less And Pet Your Cat More

#33 Don’t Touch Me

#34 Angry Dumb Baby Imprisoned For His Dumb Baby Crimes

#35 Tiniest Take Off Ever

#36 Ready For Take Off… Blep In Tow

#37 Forever Angry That He’s Not Allowed On The Counter

#38 Cinnamon Cleared For Take Off From The Vet

#39 Thought You Might Like To See Nalas Angry Takeoff From My Lap

#40 An Evening Flight

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