Homes Filled With Love Have Made Homeless Cats Become Beautiful

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#1 Then And Now

#2 Biscuit: Best Thing I Ever Got From A Whataburger

#3 He Was Actually The One Who Saved Me

#4 My Most Recent Rescue Baby Merlin’s Before And After, Cannot Thank The Rescue Center We Adopted From Enough

#5 Gigner Old Cat That We Rescued In 2022. Now He Is Adopted

#6 My Sweet Orange Boy

#7 She Was Found Tiny And Sick On The Streets Of Brooklyn And She’s Now The Biggest Personality And The Sweetest Baby

#8 When I Was Asked To Take This Girl, I Was Told The Vet Didn’t Think She Had A Chance

#9 Meet Lina. From A Scrawny Kitten With Fleas To Current Polite Angel

#10 Reeves Was Found After He Was Attacked By A Bobcat

#11 From Terrified Orphan Stray To Fluffy Queen In One Year

#12 Nimbus Glowed Up

#13 Mochi

#14 This Little Guy Was Left Alone In The Rain

#15 Barn Cat To Lap Cat

#16 Today Marks One Month Since I Started Fostering Baby Gremlin! I Know It’s Not Technically An Adoption, But It Will Be Once He’s Neutered!

#17 I Found This Guy Living In My Storage Shed. After Some Much Needed Dental Surgery And Months Of Living Indoors, He’s A New Man

#18 Meet Bobby!

#19 Spent A Week Driving An Hour Each Way To Trap This Guy!

#20 Before And Current Of This Rescue Boy Otto

#21 Bulka Cat. I Rescued Her In 2021 She Was Suffering From Frozen Pregnancy And Pyometra. When I First Saw Her She Was Dieing. The Vet Gave Her 1 Percent From 100 To Survive But She Was A Fighter

#22 Found Him In A Parking Lot, He’s Sleeping A Lot More Comfortably Now

#23 My First Bottle Baby Foster Kittens After A Neighbor Found Them In A Rainstorm vs. Four Months Later In Their Forever Home!

#24 Ten Years Ago Today I Went For A Walk And Came Home With A Kitten. From Tiny And Dirty To Large And In Charge: Happy 10th Gotcha Day, Melvin!

#25 Before N After From Kitten To Cat

#26 Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

#27 Found This Baby Near The Stable Wandering Around And Crying, Now Look At This Beauty!!!

#28 This Is Jonesy. He Had Been Thrown Into A Ditch. Here He Is Three Months Later

#29 We Found Little Otho At A Car Wash Back In October. Doesn’t Even Look Like The Same Cat Now

#30 Believe Me, It’s The Same Cat!

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