The significant imprints of a cat, the things that make us remember them forever.

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#1 Holding Your Cat’s Paw

#2 Among All The Bad Things, You Know Getting A Cat Is The Best Decision You’ve Ever Made

#3 When You Finally Realize That Your Cat Is No Longer A Kitten

#4 You Give Them A Treat Because Eating Canned Food Everyday Is Torture

#5 First Time Napping Together

#6 You Realize Your Cat Affects Your Life In Every Way

#7 Finally Become A Cat Whisperer

#8 Find Out That They Are Sneaky Monsters

#9 Taking Your Cat To The Vet For The First Time

#10 The Anger When Your Cat Sits On Someone Else’s Lap

#11 You Just Don’t Know If Your Cat Wants To Kill You Or Is Just Staring At An Invisible Monster Behind You

#12 Relaxing Together

#13 Cat-Calling

#14 They’re Only Hungry When You’re Asleep

#15 Having A Serious Discussion With Your Cat As To Whether They Want To Stay In Or Go Out

#16 The Sink Is Another Bed

#17 That Sweet Rejection

#18 Black Shirt Struggle

#19 Learn How To Pet Them

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