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“Sad Keanu” is so 2010. This year, it’s all about Keanu Reeves’ success after starring in the John Wick franchise, with the third instalment, Parabellum, released this May. The Canadian actor is making his rounds of the media circuit, including gracing the April cover of GQ magazine and becoming the face of Saint Laurent for its fall/winter menswear campaign.

At 54 years old, Reeves has spent over 20 years in the film industry and is known for his roles in Speed (1994) and The Matrix franchise (1999-2003), among others. The third John Wick film, in which Reeves reprises his role as a “retired” assassin, fortifies the actor’s commercial success in action-thrillers.

Saint Laurent announced that Reeves would be the new face of the fall menswear campaign via social media in April. The campaign photos were published on Saint Laurent’s official Instagram.

Sad Keanu Reeves by Azvayer on DeviantArt

The black and white campaign was art-directed by creative director Anthony Vaccarello and photographed by the iconic David Sims. It features Reeves modelling a tailored pinstripe suit, as well as a leather motorcycle jacket. The actor is reportedly an avid motorcyclist.

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