Let me present you to Baron, the ragdoll cat who looks like a fluffy white cloud.

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You can’t even begin to understand how thrilled we were to meet Baron, the 4-year-old cat who is causing a stir online with his bathtime selfies and his ocean-blue eyes. He looks like a fluffy white cloud in the sky and has the most captivating blue eyes you’ve ever seen.

Baron is known as a Ragdoll. The breed is characterized by blue eyes, silky coats, and a naturally mellow temperament. Unlike other cats, Baron loves taking a bath in a tub full of toys and posing for photos that can capture everyone’s hearts.

Thanks to his luscious fur and bright blue eyes, Baron has become a celebrity on Instagram, where he currently has more than 110.000 followers.

Baron’s Instagram page is filled with photos of his daily life, so we have chosen some of his best photos to share with you. We hope that his cuteness and beauty will make you happy and make your day better. Scroll down to see, and we are sure you’ll agree that he’s adorable.


Looks like an anime character right here.

Polar bear or cat? You decide.

“Let’s play hide and seek.”

Give me some candy, human.

Totally wanna catch this Pokémon.

His mom clearly loves dressing him up in pink and we’re here for it.

A highly comfortable ball that has to be kept safe at all costs

“Bathtime is my favorite time.”

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