A woman, overflowing with compassion, stumbles upon a blind kitten at the shelter, unable to abandon the little one there.

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Some people ignore cats when they need help, others simply don’t have the heart to leave them in difficult conditions. Katie Buckman is a cat rescuer from North Carolina who was on the job one day picking up a pair of kittens from a shelter. When she got there, she heard the faintest of meows coming from a kennel. When she looked inside, she saw a tiny blind kitten that was trying to get her attention.

She asked around and learned that he was brought in as a stray. Screaming locked up in a cage, Katie didn’t have the heart to leave him there. She took him with the two other kittens and took him home. She fed him, wrapped him in a blanket, and let him settle down and get some sleep.

Katie’s dog, Burt, kept a watchful eye over the kitty that day. It looked like it needed comfort and Burt obliged. After a trip to the vet, Katie learned that the kitten is blind due to microphtalmia, a genetic condition that causes abnormally tiny eyeballs. Even though he’ll remain blind his whole life, Melvin the kitten doesn’t let that faze him.

He’s an energetic kitty that doesn’t let obstacles get in the way. Katie reached out to the Odd Cat Sanctuary in Salem that helps these kitties, and they welcomed with him open arms. The founder, Tara Kay, says that he can get around any obstacle. He knows perfectly well how to navigate his new home and he’s not scared of anything.

Melvin may not have eyes to see the life he’s living, but the staff at the special cat shelter certainly cut no corners. He’ll live the best life he can possibly have.

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